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Meet Our Pastor

Bishop Richard Coates treasures the work our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ has entrusted to him, and to Mount Hope Baptist Church of Faith. He sees this ministry’s purpose being to glorify God by leading souls to Jesus Christ; and by teaching believers to become disciples who can help meet the spiritual, social, and economic needs of families, communities, and people worldwide. The standard he places before the congregation calls for a practice of uncompromising obedience to God. Using a teaching-preaching approach Bishop Coates delivers God’s word truthfully, simply, and by the Holy Ghost’s power.

July 2012 marks fifteen years Bishop Coates has served as pastor and president of Mount Hope Baptist Church of Faith. Interestingly, after receiving Jesus Christ in the mid nineteen-seventies Bishop Coates naively rejected his first divine call to serve God. His second divine call to serve the Lord came in a vision in December 1995. The Lord showed him every danger that he had been protected from, then explained to him, “you were saved so you could serve Me”! The Lord then asked, “are you ready to serve Me?” The experience was so gripping that he instantly accepted God’s invitation. In March 1996, his pastor Rev., Dr. Barbara Jacobs issued him a ministry license, making him Minister Coates. Over the next fifteen months, he was blessed to experience remarkable evangelistic success. At one point, the Lord used him to lead people to Christ daily.

A continuing series of undeniable signs and wonders then led Minister Coates to accept the position as pastor of Mount Hope in July 1997. He accepted the position on what he termed ‘a limited basis’. With the support and guidance of the church founder Bishop Percy M. Maddrey, he was ordained and installed in 1998 on an ‘unlimited basis’. Pastor Coates was consecrated as Rite Bishop Richard Coates in 2001 and appointed Vice Chairman and ‘Heir Apparent’ of United Churches of Faith. He continues to hold that position in the national church fellowship organization founded by Bishop Percy Maddrey and his wife Elder Evelyn Maddrey. Bishop Coates is blessed to enjoy being married 45 years to Sis. Dorothy Coates, who faithfully labors alongside him in a range of ministry works. She is most passionate about the work she does in women’s ministry.

Pastor Coates’ takes special interest in counseling church members and community residents in areas of marriage and spiritual development, also being involved in youth guidance, and expanding the church’s involvement and support for community outreach and foreign missions ministry efforts. He is overseeing the planned construction of the Mount Hope Missions Center.

Bishop Richard Coates’ ministry education includes two years of college, attending ministry related courses at Deliverance Evangelical Church Bible Institute, Christian Research and Development Institute, Pastoral Education, University of Pennsylvania Pastoral Education Program, and ongoing Southern Baptist Convention – Church Leadership programs.